GLYDER Flight Logging - Web Application


  • Jquery
  • Prototypal Javacript
  • IndexedDB
  • PHP
  • MySQL Database
  • CSS3

See it in action


Glyder is a fully automated flight logging program which allows flights to be recorded on the airfield. It is an intuative and robust web application which does not rely on a constant internet connection in order to work. Flights are backed up and saved in real time with prices calculated and charges issued onto club member accounts.


The challange in developing this software was to create something which was easy to use in the demanding environment of an active airfield. Also, the system had to be highly intuative and easy to use for people who didn't necessarily have much computing experience.

It also had to run remotely so that if an internet connection was not available it wouldn't throw the teddy out. On top of that it had to run in a highly efficent way as the computer which was going to run it would have to operate from a battery, so therefore would be low spec.